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Bethel Baptist Church Missionary Families Around The World PDF Print E-mail

"....Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."
-Mark 16:15

We believe one of the most important aspects of Bethel Baptist Church is missions giving.  Through faith promise missions giving, we currently support 75 missionaries each month.  By supporting missionaries in various areas all across the world, it could be said that the sun doesn't set on the ministry of Bethel Baptist Church.

Each February we have our missions conference, where we host several missionary families for the week. During this week we renew our pledge for missions giving for the following year.  Our pastor and members have visited many of our missionaries across the United States as well as in Honduras, India, and Africa.

United States & Canada
Jason Dowell – Missionary of Helps & Relief                                  
Larry Adams - Rescue America Baptist Missions
Larry Key - Rock of Ages Prison Ministry
Rick Hurley – Rock of Ages Prison Ministry                                     
Jerry Barker – Rock of Ages Prison Ministry           
Paul Carver - Rock of Ages Prison Ministry            
Ronnie McKinney - Rock of Ages Prison Ministry
Walter Terrell – Rock of Ages Prison Ministry
David Roth – Rock of Ages Prison Ministry            
Gene Absher – Carpenters for Christ        
Roger Mullins – Craftsmen for Christ               
Arnold Worley – Transporters for Christ            
Richard Johnson – New York        
Jim Poelman – Alaska
Danny Ingram – Alaska
John Pinnix - Alaska
Jimmy Harris – North Dakota                               
Travis Barker – North Dakota
Duane Earwood – South Dakota            
Kim Harris – Idaho
Don Jackson – Iowa
John McKinney – Montana
Russell Pruitt – Montana
Dale Russell – Wyoming            
Jeff Perry – Wyoming
Leroy Bennally – New Mexico/Navajo Indians         
Steven Sykes – New Mexico       
Dean Crane – West Virginia                                                      
Rick Byerly – Virginia                                          
Travis Campbell – Louisiana                                
Jeremy Clanton – Western United States             
Steve Schlechty – Magnetic Scripture Ministry
Farrell Shepherd – Vision Baptist Press
Bill Richburg – Victory Baptist Press                   
Plato Shepherd – Kansas
Aaron Short – Wisconsin
Luther Quintanas – Arizona                               
Mark Shumaker – Nebraska
Paul Redmond – United States &  Canada               
Jacob Taube – Undisclosed Location
Andy Simpson – Macedonia Baptist College
Kevin Brooks – Utah               
Joshua Sykes – Utah                                                                             
Loren Steven – United States Church Planters     
Rob Trautman – Armed Forces Baptist Missions
Duey Whitfield – Spanish-Speaking Population
Tim Wall – Washington
John Caudle – Canada                                    
Shane Davis – Canada 

Obed Missal - India (IGM)
Mark Stewart – Director to Middle East
Richard Smith – International Baptist Outreach                
Eduardo Gamboa “Bong” – Philippines
Ferdie Cunanans – Philippines                           
David DelaPaz – Philippines
Daniel Middlebrook - Russia

James Baidoo – Ghana, Africa      
Vincent Agbodo – West Africa
Jason Christiansen – Egypt    

Central & South America
Mario Zavala – Honduras
Oscar Rodriguez - Honduras    
Josue Andrade – Honduras  
David Perryman – Director to Central America
Jason Kenney – Chile 
Larry Townsend – St. Lucia


Australia and Oceania
Lewis Howell – New Zealand





John Blake - Spain